Bruce Lee Animated Lucozade Commercial

This animated version of Bruce Lee has was developed for a television commercial to promote SmithKline Beecham’s Lucozade in Hong Kong and southern China around 1999.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the commercial features a very realistic Lee in his legendary martial arts setting. Lee is seen in a Kung Fu training session, kicking sand bags and practising his ‘two-section cudgel’ skills. Lee’s presence reinforces the brand promise of “glucose energy” as he demonstrates how Lucozade is the energy drink which revitalises. Despite being an animated reproduction of the real thing, the icon represents energy and is very much a demonstrator of the brand benefit.

The TVC was the first stage of a new campaign for Lucozade in Hong Kong, which launched at the end of May 2000. This stage builds the association between the Kung Fu star and the product. Stage two rolled out in July 2000 and this will have the full story, showing how only Lucozade can revitalise the body after a punishing workout. The television campaign was supported by outdoor, which aims to capture consumers at main points of consumption.

The team behind the work are: Vincent Ho (creative director), Ng Fan (Associate creative director), Lam Man Tat (art director) and Keith Lo (copywriter).

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