When Bruce Lee Came to Black Belt Magazine

M. Uyehara is the founder and owner of Black Belt magazine, having created the martial arts industry’s leading publication in 1961. During the early years, Uyehara served as a hands-on owner and publisher, and made every effort to bring the world’s greatest martial artist to his readers. In the following account. he describes how he became acquainted with a then … Read More

Bruce Lee’s Abs

Of all the body parts Bruce Lee developed, his abdominal muscles were the most spectacular: rock solid to the touch, deeply cut and highly defined. Bruce believed the abdominals were one of the most important muscle groups for a martial artist since virtually every movement requires some degree of abdominal work. Perhaps more importantly, the “abs” are like a shell, … Read More

Why Bruce Lee turned to weight training

Bruce Lee never bragged about his muscular body, but he was proud of it, especially of his highly developed abdominal muscles. When Bruce wore loose clothing, he looked like a normally built guy. But underneath the clothing, he was a man with extraordinary muscles. “I’ve seen many muscular bodybuilders,” one of his fans said, “but never like Bruce. He is … Read More

Bruce Lee’s Physique

Contrary to what many people believe, Bruce Lee wasn’t born with the fantastic physique with which he would become identified in later years. In fact Bruce was born quite a sickly child and had a number of physical deficiencies during childhood. Bruce worked hard to gain physique but it wasn’t merely for the purpose of vanity, he crafted his muscles … Read More

Was Bruce Lee really that good?

“A lot of people come up to me and say, “hey Bruce, are you really that good?” Now if I say yes, probably you will say I am boasting. But if I say no, you KNOW that I am lying” This was a joke Bruce made, when interviewed by Ted Thomas in Hong Kong; shortly after the release of ‘The … Read More

The death of Bruce Lee

When Bruce Lee died suddenly on July 20th 1973, speculation abounded as to the cause. Rumours ranged from Lee being killed by Hong Kong triads (Chinese Mafia) because he refused to pay them protection money – something that was common for Chinese movie stars to do at that time. Bruce being killed by an angry martial artist using the dim … Read More